Renewable Energy

Libre Energie: Autonomous Solar Generators

You can discover an innovating range of solar generators that can be used anywhere, the XS, S, L and XL KW3.

They supply energy directly produced from solar panels, installed on an aluminium structure, on a roof, or on the ground.

The KW3 is a turnkey autonomous plug and play solar generator. A few minutes will be enough to install it and let it supply the power you need (220V /110V on demand).

It can be linked to another energy source such as a diesel power generator,a windmill, a river or a marine turbine.

It has many applications; in back-up mode in case of power failure or in remote areas where electricity is not available, to reduce the cost of a diesel generator and also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.

You will discover a system that can make your everyday life easier, will help you save money and save the planet.

We are authorized agents to distribute products of Libre Energie / KW3 brands in Sri Lanka & Maldives.

A few examples:



Power generation of a hybrid system in the desert in Qatar to save energy.

Power generation of a hospital in the Comoro islands

Power generation of a telecommunication tower in the jungle in Gabon

 Renewable Sea/Marine Energy & BioMass

We can act as a business provider/agent on projects of renewable marine or wind energy, together with a French company.

We also can be your business introducer on biomass and recycling projects.

About this field of activity, for any further enquiries, please send your request to: