Home Decoration – Tableware

Fair Trade woven fabrics

This workshop created twenty years ago by Sandra, aims at providing the women from her region with work. It specializes in woven fabric and toy making, household and bed linen and home decor products.

This activity has helped to open a non-profit private school in which about 1,000 pupils and students attend primary and secondary school – so that all of them can have access to a good education and to equal opportunities, especially as far as speaking English is concerned.


Ceramics: Porcelain, Stoneware, Earthenware

We work with two manufacturing units.

One of them specializes in tableware, especially fine china.

The other one also specializes in tableware and hand-painted home decoration items, in china, stoneware, faience and terra cotta (piggy bank, eggcup, teapot, etc.)


 Papier mâché & Elephant Dung Paper

We work with two very traditional manufacturing units.

One of them specializes in recycling paper. They mix the paper they collect with natural fiber materials to obtain a pulp mixture: the poo fibers from elephants, straw, rice straw, tea powder. With this handmade paper, they make notebooks or booklets, pens, lamps…

The other one specializes in papier mâché.