Design, Sourcing & Qualified supply

Design, sourcing et qualified supply


1- We can find suppliers, materials, and products that will meet your demand.

2-We can act as a middleman on your behalf (and thus help our customers communicate with the factories)

3- Products development

We can assure you that your Products development specifications will be met (materials, target clients, quantities…)

We create the manufacturing processes (pattern, size, mother moulds for rubber and ceramics…) and we make the prototypes and wait for the return of the “golden sample” signed by our client before launching the production.

4- We set up manufacturing

5- We monitor manufacturing: we make regular adjustments from the very start of the production to avoid any problem (control of material, material cutting, assembly, sewing, drying, according to the products)

6- We control production before sending the goods to our clients according to the approved “golden sample”.

As for the toys, we can assure that they will comply with the following tests: EU norms EN71 + Annexes+ Reach

As for food, we can assure that our products will comply with the compulsory tests required for importing them in Europe.